Sunday, September 23, 2018

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ETSI RRS WG4 (Public Safety)

CRS-i contributes to the work in ETSI RRS WG4 under Objective C of the European Commission mandate on Reconfigurable Radio Systems M/512: to explore potential areas of synergy among commercial, civil security and military applications. In particular, CRS-i contributes to the Work Item ETSI TR 103 217 “Feasibility study on inter-domains synergies; Synergies between civil security and commercial domains”.

Based on the output of this feasibility study, CRS-i will contribute to the definition of the standardisation work program that will include architectures and interfaces for dynamic use of spectrum resources among commercial and civil security domains for disaster relief. Apart from the actual contributions to the standard, IT will produce standardization reports on the progress of Objective C in ETSI RRS WG4 that will be disseminated to FP7 projects working on Public Safety scenarios with the objective to engage these projects to this European standardization effort.

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