Sunday, September 23, 2018

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WP1: Project Management

WP2: Standardization consultancy service

    • Create a CRS-cluster and the legal basis for communication with the CRS-i;
    • Offer a coherent consultancy service for cognitive radio standardization to any related FP7 project;
    • Provide to FP7 CR projects state-of-the-art information on standards available or under development;
    • Drive the formation of new standardization proposals that address the missing research priorities in a coordinated manner;


WP3: Coordination of FP7 projects contributions to CR standards

    • Extend standardization activities of QoSMOS, COGEU, SACRA and OneFIT beyond projects life time in a coordinated manner;
    • Derive a coherent standardization approach exploiting results from FP7 projects on cognitive radio and DSA, avoid fragmentation of standardization efforts through specific task forces;
    • Strengthen the position of FP7 projects in standardization efforts on cognitive radio at a global level and to facilitate the pull through of European project outcomes;
    • Monitor and assessment of contributions to standards via CRS-i.


WP4: Dissemination

    • Organize workshops on global CR standardization and Regulation;
    • Reinforce the collaboration of FP7 projects with US and Japan ‘s “cognitive radio stakeholders” through an International Advisory Board;
    • Facilitate the creation of a common vision and priorities in CR systems beyond the boundaries of Europe.
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