Sunday, September 23, 2018

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The main objective of CRS-I is to coordinate and support existing and future FP7 projects and to facilitate the exploitation of their results by establishing a concentrated approach to Cognitive Radio Systems standardization. CRS-i has the following three specific objectives:

  • Offer a consultancy service on standardization to FP7 projects addressing Cognitive Radio, Dynamic Spectrum Access and Coexistence issues as a tool to facilitate the pull through the standards processes;
  • Extend and coordinate standardization activities of the ongoing Call 4 & Call 5 projects beyond the projects lifetime, namely FP7 COGEU ,FP7 QoSMOS, FP7 SACRA and FP7 OneFIT;

Reinforce the collaboration of FP7 projects with USA and Japan‘s “cognitive radio stakeholders” with the potential of achieving mass market and economy of scale.

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