Sunday, September 23, 2018

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Standards are key to market success, playing a vital role in terms of return on investment since, without them, some of the most innovative solutions would fail in terms of commercial viability and success. Research into Cognitive Radio (CR) systems has matured and many FP7 projects and initiatives have provided proof of concept implementations, demonstrators and showcases.

But to date, there are only few standards that may be used as benchmark for the type approval or the certification of the operation of cognitive radio equipment and they are rather incomplete and fairly fragmented. Notably, there are a range of standards in the IEEE 802 family, in the DySPAN 1900.x family and significant efforts by the IETF PAWS and the ETSI RRS working group, in particular in the TV White Space domain.

Standardisation is only a side aspect in research projects, yet most related FP7 projects do participate in and contribute to standardization bodies. However, all projects face the fact that it is difficult to achieve impact during the rather short life time of an FP7 project. In particular, standardization in CR is a process with low speed reaction because of many conflicting spectrum requirements and regulatory implications.

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