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The objective of the CRS-I consultancy service is to strengthen the position of FP7 projects in standardization bodies related to cognitive radio at a global level, and to facilitate the pull through of European project outcomes. The overall idea and information flow of the standardization consultancy service proposed by the CRS-i is showed below.





The standardization consultancy process is structured into the following phases:

  1. In order to initiate the process of sharing information between the CRS-cluster projects and the coordination action CRS-i, is important to establish from the beginning of this action the necessary legal framework to address confidentiality between FP7 projects and the CRS-i coordination action.

  2. The CRS-i, in interaction with the CRS-cluster will understand the standardization target and potential of each project on CR area and derive a coherent standardisation plan for each research project. Meanwhile the CRS-i will pro-actively investigate and seek opportunities for contributions to standards that potentially match the projects objectives. Issues that needs to be addressed by the research projects in this phase are :

      • What to standardise?
      • Choosing the right standards body
      • Getting the timing right
      • Funding-for membership, travel and time
      • Which partners participate?
      • IPR ownership, or who can contribute what?
  3. FP7 projects (or the project partner responsible for the standardization activities), based on their own standardization plans and research results, will submit draft proposals to be analysed by the CRS-i consultancy service. This is done in a voluntary basis.

  4. The CRS-i consultancy service will provide recommendations in order to increase the likelihood of acceptance by the target standardization bodies, e.g., appropriate time window and best location to standardize a specific R&D result, editorial revision, etc. The CRS-i will pro-actively suggest potential convergence points between FP7 projects with potential for standardization, avoiding effort fragmentation and unnecessary competition between projects and between standardization groups . Also, task forces can be build up to create sufficient momentum for successfully introducing new technical ideas into standardization or to initiate the foundation of a new Work Item or Working Group in standardization if needed;

  5. The FP7 project will revise the draft proposal taking in consideration the CRS-i recommendations or ask for further advice. Finally the project (or the project partner responsible for the standardization activities) will submit the contribution to the target standardization working group;

  6. Taking advantage of the deep involvement of the CRS-i partners on the global CR standards, they will follow and support the contribution through the standardization process providing continue feedback to the FP7 R&D projects. A mix of support from different types of organizations can be seen as a stronger endorsement of the EU project proposals.


Action plan


    • Derivation of a plan for interfacing with standards organizations at the beginning of the new project's activities. This plan will help the project synchronize with relevant ongoing standardization processes, and start the process of building the consensus required in order to achieve the project’s goals;
    • Selection of suitable standardization Working Groups for each research project;
    • Advice about the best time-window for an effective standardization impact and the requested standardization procedure;
    • Dissemination of Call for contributions among CRS-i cluster projects;
    • Setting up of a dialogue within the CRS-i cluster concerning potential synergies and common interests across projects in standardization bodies;
    • Follow-up standardization contributions resulting from project work and consultancy interaction.


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