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CRS-i founder projects



CRS-i will extend and coordinate QoSMOS, COGEU, SACRA and OneFIT standardization activities for more two years, after the official end of these projects (31 December 2012).


FP7 Project       
QoSMOS IP Quality of Service and Mobility driven cognitive radio systems  CEA-LETI ; UNIS
COGEU STREP  Cognitive radio systems for efficient sharing of TV white spaces in European context IT
SACRA STREP  Spectrum and Energy efficiency through multi-band cognitive radio NEC 
OneFIT STREP Opportunistic networks and cognitive management Systems for Efficient Application Provision in the Future Internet NEC ; UNIS



RAS projects with cognitive radio, coexistence and dynamic spectrum acess aspects


FP7 Project

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Relation with CR standardization 



Enhanced Multicarrier Techniques for Professional Ad-Hoc and   Cell-Based Communications


01/09/2012  to  01/03/2015


Focus on non ortogonal waveforms (PHY) for broadband public safety systems (PMR/PPDR). Efficient and highly flexible/variable filter-bank processing structure for non-contiguous spectrum allocations. Interest in contribute to IEEE P1900.7, a standardization group where CRS-i members  are active.



5th Generation Non-Orthogonal Waveforms for Asynchronous Signaling


01/09/2012  to  28/02/2015


Focus on non-orthogonal waveforms (PHY) for fragmented spectrum scenarios, including new waveform such as Filter-bank for 5G scenarios. Interest in contribute to IEEE P1900.7, a standardization group where CRS-i members  are active. 3GPP release 14, starting in 2016 could be a first platform for creating a study item focused on a new air interface for 5G.



Cognitive Radio Experimentation World


01/10/2010  to  30/9/2014


CREW is interested in cooperate with CRS-i through the provision of CR experimentation facilities for testing and verification of CR standards. CREW has requested support from CRS-i to disseminate its experimentation facilities within ETSI RRS.



Aerial Base Stations with Opportunistic Links For   Unexpected & Temporary Events


01/10/2012  to  30/09/2015


Considers the possibility of   dynamic use of spectrum resources between commercial and public safety users   for disaster relief. Working Group 4 for Public Safety in the ETSI Technical   Committee (TC) for Reconfigurable Radio Systems (ETSI RRS). Advanced multimode LTE-A Professional terminals enabling direct mode LTE communications and direct messaging services (3GPP LTE RAN - D2D).



COgnitive RAdio for SATellite Communications


01/10/2012  to  30/09/2015

(University of Bologna )

Exploit cognitive radio concepts developed by terrestrial communications in the satellite context (e.g. spectrum geo-location database and spectrum sensing). CoRaSat has established a new work item in ETSI SES SCN (Satellite Earth Stations and Systems - Satellite Communication and Navigation) working group on “Cognitive radio techniques for Satellite Communications”.



Mobile and wireless   communications Enablers for the Twenty-twenty Information Society


01/11/2012  to  30/4/2015


METIS has a Work Package fully dedicated to Spectrum and is interested in contributing to Licensed Shared Access (LSA) standardisation, which is  also an important standardization stream in CRS-i.



Advanced Dynamic Spectrum 5G mobile networks Employing Licensed shared access


01/11/2013  to  31/10/2016

(The University of Edinburgh)

ADEL is interested in contributing to LSA Work Items in ETSI RRS WG1 where CRS-i members are very active.



Spectrum OverLay through aggregation of heterogeneous DispERsed Bands


01/10/2013 to 30/11/2016

(Industrial Systems Institute, Athena Research Innovation Centre)

Carrier agregation in HetNet scenarios. Particular targets include the IEEE 1900 series standards and IEEE Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks Standards Committee (DySPAN-SC) in general, as well as ETSI Reconfigurable Radio Systems (ETSI-RRS).



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